What to Do If You Need Care

If you’re sick or injured, you don’t want to waste time trying to figure out how to get care under the plan. Review this information so you know what steps to take.

Need to Find a Medical Provider?

PPO Plan (Anthem BlueCross BlueShield Network)

The PPO Plan has different networks for hospital and other types of medical care. To keep costs as low as possible for you and the Fund, choose the right network from the chart below.

If You Need… Use this Network Find an In-Network Provider
Hospital care Hospital Coalition Choose a provider from the list.
Mental health/substance
abuse treatment
Harmony Healthcare Call (702) 251-8000 or visit www.harmonyhc.com
for an online provider directory.
Common health concerns (colds, rashes, allergies, etc.) LiveHealth Online Visit www.livehealthonline.com or download the LiveHealth Online mobile app to speak with a doctor.
All other medical care Anthem BlueCross BlueShield Network Visit www.anthem.com. Click "Find a Doctor" under "Menu." Under "Search as a Member," enter "TDG" below "Identification number or alpha prefix," then click "Continue" and follow the instructions.

HMO Plan (Health Plan of Nevada)

See the primary care physician (PCP) you chose when you enrolled. Your PCP will coordinate your care, including referring you to a specialist and managing a hospital admission if needed. You may change your PCP at any time. Visit www.myhpnonline.com for a provider directory.

Is It an Emergency?

If you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. But remember that for non-life-threatening emergencies, the PPO Plan pays only $75 of emergency room charges and you pay the balance. And the HMO Plan pays nothing in this case. So if you need non-emergency help right away, visit an in-network urgent care center or health care clinic. In addition to saving money, you may avoid long wait times and exposure to illness and viruses.

If you’re in the PPO Plan, see the lists of urgent care centers and convenience care centers in your enrollment packet. You can also use the Anthem mobile app to find an urgent care center or health care clinic near you, or visit www.anthem.com. Click "Find a Doctor" under "Menu." Under "Search as a Member," enter "TDG" below "Identification number or alpha prefix," then click "Continue" and follow the instructions.

If you’re in the HMO Plan, visit a Health Plan of Nevada-contracted urgent care facility listed at www.myhpnonline.com.

Need Fast Advice?

Not sure whether you have a real emergency? Or whether and how soon you need to see a doctor? Call your plan's 24/7 nurse advice line:

  • PPO Plan: The nurse advice line is no longer available. Find information on urgent care and convenience centers in Is It an Emergency? (above). 
  • HMO Plan: Call 1-800-288-2264.

Need Surgery or Other High-Cost Services?

Under the PPO Plan, certain services, such as elective hospitalization or surgery, require preapproval (also called precertification or prior authorization) before they are performed. For preapproval, call Innovative Care Management (ICM) at 1-800-862-3338. For details, read your Summary Plan Description. Or call Zenith American Solutions if you have questions, at (702) 734-8601.

Need to Fill a Prescription?

Use a Network Pharmacy

For both the PPO Plan and HMO Plan, you must obtain prescription drugs from a network pharmacy. Otherwise, your prescription will not be covered.

Here’s how to find an in-network pharmacy:

  • PPO Plan: Use the EnvisionRx mobile app or visit www.envisionrx.com to access the pharmacy locator. Or call the EnvisionRx Help Desk at 1-800-361-4542. For information about specialty medications, visit www.envisionspecialty.com or call 1-877-437-9012.
  • HMO Plan: Visit www.myhpnonline.com to access the pharmacy locator or call Health Plan of Nevada at

Use the Lowest Cost Drug

Generic drugs are free under the PPO Plan and half the cost of preferred brand drugs under the HMO Plan. Since generic drugs use the same active ingredients and are proven to work the same way as their brand-name counterparts, they have the same risks and benefits. However, doctors don’t always automatically prescribe generic drugs. Be sure to ask whether a generic is available.

Use the Mail Order Service

If you take medications on a regular basis for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, and asthma, use the mail order service to save money on prescriptions. Depending on which plan you’re in and the type of drug, your copays for a 90-day supply may be lower than the same supply from a retail pharmacy, plus you get the convenience of home delivery.

Here’s how to get started with mail order:

Know the Rules

Both the PPO Plan and HMO Plan have prescription drug preapproval requirements, quantity limits, and other rules for certain high-cost drugs. For details, check with your plan using the contact information above.

Check Out LiveHealth Online

LiveHealth Online® lets you skip long waits and visit a doctor from the comfort and convenience of your own home or while you’re on the go. You can connect to a U.S.-based, board-certified doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in minutes via two-way video using your smartphone, tablet or computer. If you're enrolled in the PPO Plan, you'll only have a $10 copay for this service—the Fund will pay the rest.

You can use LiveHealth Online for common health concerns like colds, the flu, fevers, rashes, infections, allergies and more. It’s faster, easier and more convenient than a visit to an urgent care center.

To sign up, visit www.livehealthonline.com or download the LiveHealth Online mobile app for free from the App Store or Google Play™. The app works with any smartphone, tablet or computer with a front-facing camera. If you’re using LiveHealth Online for the first time, you’ll answer a brief questionnaire about your health, then be connected with a doctor in just a couple of minutes. (Participants enrolled in the HMO Plan are not eligible for this service.)

Urgent Care that Comes to You!

Use Dispatch Health to request on-demand and on-location urgent care services provided by board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Visit www.dispatchhealth.com, call (720) 573-7647, or download the Dispatch Health app to get started. (Participants enrolled in the HMO Plan are not eligible for this service.)