Your Vision Care Benefits

Your vision care benefits are provided through Vision Service Plan (VSP). With VSP, you and your eligible dependents choose from an extensive list of providers in our area. Coverage includes a WellVision Exam®—the most comprehensive exam designed to detect eye and health conditions. You also have hundreds of eyewear options, from classic styles to the latest designer frames.


Vision Service Plan If you use a VSP provider..
Eye exam $5 copay every 12 months
Frames 100% up to $200 every 24 months
Contact lenses
  • Exam & fitting: $60 copay
  • Contacts instead of eyeglasses: 100% up to $120 every 12 months

How to Find a Vision Service Plan Provider

Visit, click “Find a VSP Doctor,” and follow the instructions. Or call 800-877-7195. At your appointment, tell them you have VSP. No ID card is necessary.